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Perfect peeling technology

The robust, solidly constructed machines offer perfect peeling technology, with their stainless steel design and complete operational safety thanks to an auto-stop control. Click on one of the above product groups to see detailed information. Here you'll find current product details, accessories and technical data.

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The Fish Descaling Machine from FLOTT washes und descales fish of all kinds, such as pike-perch, carp, perch and pike. The machine is available as 18K, 20K as well as 25K. Further information can be found in our product brochure.

NEW: Fully-Automatic Washing and Peeling System (VAP 25K) while working:

Video: Experience 20K while working

Video: Experience ZS10 while working

Video: Experience ZS10 while working

Video: Experience 20K while working

Video: Experience ZS10 while working

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