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ZS 3 · ZS 10 · ZS 25

  ZS3 ZS10 ZS25


Stainless steel body, auto-stop control, restart protection, 400 V three phase AC motor, motor protection, belt drive, automatic waste remover, control valve for reduced water consumption, automatic peeling-time selector, gentle release.

Peeling process takes place at the bottom and sides of the peeling system and ensures that the peeling action is very gentle – the vegetables are not exposed to heavy bumps or impacts. Gentle release is carried out by a slow restart of the machine.

Auto-stop control for complete safety

  • the machine stops automatically when the loading lid, top lid or release ap are opened
  • restart guards after power failure

Experience ZS10 while working

Machine typeZS3ZS10ZS25
Loading capacity kg – onions up to 4 12 25
Loading capacity kg – garlic up to 3 10 20
Loading capacity kg – potatoes, carrots, etc. up to 5 15 30
Raw product kg output per hour – onions up to 100 300 600
Raw product kg output per hour – garlic up to 90 250 500
Raw product kg output per hour – potatoes, carrots, etc. up to 130 400 800
Rated power kW 0.25 0.55 1.50
Water connection DN standard 15 20 25
Depth mm 378 600 735
Width mm 560 770 900
Height mm 855 950 1195

carborundum peeling system

Different coatings for:

1st Onions
2nd Garlic
3rd Potatoes, carrots and other root vegetables

Wash insert
without brushes

Wash insert
with four brushes

Wash insert
with brushes

Peel collector with
starch seperator, stainless steel

Peel collector

on wheels (100 L)

NEW Also available with starch seperator NEW

Experience ZS10 while working

Experience ZS10 while working

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